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Is surrogacy safe? What you must know about surrogacy before starting?

When you think about surrogacy being an intended parent, there are lots of questions and queries which come in your mind and before you get ahead with the same journey, you got to stay aware about all the ins and outs of the Surrogacy process. Moreover, Surrogacy is currently one of the most sought after arrangements for all those couples who are finding a long lasting solution for their infertility issues. Still there are those who doesn’t know much about this arrangement and hence, let’s take you through all the deep insights of a surrogacy arrangement.

What actually is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is about an arrangement where the intended parent asks a surrogate mother to carry their child in her womb until birth in return of some compensation or kind. This could also involve a Surrogacy agency and an IVF clinic and the Intended parents also need to hire a legal attorney for the same process.

Traditional surrogacy vs. Gestational surrogacy

When it comes to Traditional surrogacy, it’s largely about the surrogate mother carrying the child for the intended parents whilst using her own eggs and the sperm from the Intended father in the process. On the other side, Gestational surrogacy is something where the surrogate mother would be carrying the child for the Intended parents and the eggs and sperm would be there from the intended parents only. Here both the Intended parents would be biologically connected to the child unlike the Traditional surrogacy where only the father would be connected biologically to the future child.

Is surrogacy safe?

Yes, Surrogacy is totally safe until and unless you are abiding by the laws of the respective state and the country. This means that the surrogacy arrangement is been drawn as per the existing rules and guidelines made by the health department of that particular country and thus ensuring that every step involved is been according to the state laws and legal system.

Moreover, you may also require hiring an attorney who will then be taking care of all the agreements and the paperwork in the filing process which may also include the application to file the custody of the future child for the Intended parents.

Therefore, we can quote that Surrogacy is safer than any other arrangement in the same regards given that it has been brought into execution as per the respective government’s rules and regulations.

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