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How to plan your Surrogacy journey in advance?

Surrogacy often comes as a life changing decision for most of the intended parents who are looking to fulfill their desires of having a child in their lives but still getting ahead with the same task isn’t an easy task at all. Moreover, whilst you are planning for an offshore surrogacy arrangement along with a surrogacy agency, there is a lot which you need to plan whilst making up your mind in accordance to your preference, budget and requirements from the surrogate.

On the other side, before getting ahead with any other process, you have to make a visit to the same country to follow up with the all the required processes in your specific case and that’s where you have to plan accordingly in regards to “what all to pack” for the journey ahead!

Passport, Visa and all the important documents

One of the important documents which need to be taken aboard while you are flying is your passport, Visa and all the travel related documents. This would be the first thing that you would need before the start of your surrogacy journey and that’s why it’s always advisable to take care of the same in advance.

Apart from the Travel related stuff, there are certain medical documents which need to be kept alongside as well like the medical reports of the previous fertility tests along with all the related blood test and diagnosis reports. Not only would this be helping the respective fertility specialist in ascertaining your fertility condition in a better manner , it would also help them in putting this down in the right manner in the surrogacy arrangement for your specific case .Moreover, this would help you in getting only the best solution for your requirements and expectations from the surrogacy arrangement.

Additional documents and other stuff which may be required

Apart from all the Travel and Medical related documents, there are some additional usable which needs to be kept along in the journey. These may include stuff like Books, Magazines, casual wears, comfy wears and so on. This would not only make the whole journey comfortable and convenient, but also serve to different occasions and purpose like treatment process, waiting for the flight and all such processes.

Apart from these stuff, Travel itinerary and Travel insurance are also must haves before you plan ahead you surrogacy journey. Whilst the Travel itinerary would help you in planning for the whole trip altogether, the travel insurance will provide a risk cover for your overall trip.

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