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Getting ready for your first trip through to your surrogacy journey!

Planning for a surrogacy in some other country may not come as an easy experience for most of the intended parents, but it still offer great rewards in terms of cheap cost and better medical facilities. Therefore, most of the intended parents often choose to look forward to foreign destinations in order to seek their parenthood dreams. Moreover, all such intended parents must plan in advance in accordance to their trip to that particular country.

The “Must have” list

This list belongs to all those items which needs to be there in your packed items prior to the start of your journey .This may include your passport, Visa, travel related documents (Flight ticket, boarding pass) and medical documents regarding your previous tests in regards to your failed pregnancy which is pushing you to take this decision to approach a surrogate in the process.

This may include other stuff as well like the Local currency of that country along with the language dictionary as well. Not only the currency would help you in getting through with your purchase in the same territory without any hassle, it would also let you do the shopping if you are visiting a good city with numerous brands to shop around. On the other side, the language dictionary would help you in making the communication process go smooth with the local people, surrogate and related fertility specialists in the process. Whilst this would be done, you can ensure that the whole surrogacy journey would be carried upon without any issues.

The “Add on” list

After you have taken along all the pre –requisites with you for the surrogacy journey coming ahead, time is now to make a list of all the “add on” stuff which you may require during the trip to the same country. One of the first in the list comes as the itinerary of the whole trip which will make you plan your journey way in advance and also let you know about the places or people you want to visit during the whole trip. Another very important aspect is the Travel insurance which the Intended parents must look into before getting ahead with their journey. Travel insurance will help to insure your whole trip and thus cover any risk attached to the journey.

On the other side things like Books, Magazines, Comfortable clothes can also be carried upon in order to ease up your whole time during the journey as a Surrogacy arrangement would make you require lot of patience and focus in the process. Meanwhile, all the comfortable clothes would let you get into a comfy situation after certain medical tests and screening while going through the surrogacy process.


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