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7 Topmost Tips to Lose Weight

7-topmost-tips11Everybody wants to lose weight, everybody want to look healthy and fit nowadays. Loosing weight is not a big deal, it is as simple as any other thing, but you must be thinking what is it that I’m doing, that I cannot lose weight. You workout really hard, but you still fail to shed those pounds. The answer is ‘change your habits’, yes! Along with doing hard workout, but following the old unhealthy regime, you will never be able to shed those kilos. Healthy lifestyle is a key to lose weight and you will see the changes within weeks. Here is the top most 7 tips to lose weight.


  1. Have a Healthy Breakfast: Yes, it is very important to have a healthy breakfast. It helps to lose weight. No matter what, do not skip this first meal of the day. Let your breakfast be full of fiber and whole wheat, which will fill your stomach and it will stop you from eating unhealthy food later in the day.
  1. Carry Healthy Munchies with you all the time: It is needed to carry healthy munchies with you like fruits, almond, pretzels, nuts, etc. if you carry them in your bag, you can eat it whenever you want. Eating almonds is good, because it is rich in proteins, keep your heart healthy and also keeps the metabolism in its place.
  1. Increase the Daily Protein Intake: Increasing protein intake in your food, keeps you healthy and satisfied for a long run and it also helps in reducing weight quickly. It also keeps the metabolism at a great speed. There are various protein powders available in the market, and you can select the one you want and make a shake and have it.
  1. Workout for at least 45 Minutes in a day: Make sure to workout at least for 45 minutes in a day. Walk, jump, and run do whatever you like, but let your body loosen up the muscles. Stretch yourself when you are working, take a break in every 30 minutes walk for 5 minutes and continue with your work, trust, it works and helps a lot.
  1. Avoid large intakes of salt and sugar: Yes, it that will help to reduce weight. Eating sugarcoated things, or eating snacks such as chips wafers, full of salt, will help you- to gain weight. And you don’t want that. Avoid those soft drinks, avoid junk, and you will see a change in your body.
  1. Drink lots of Water: You want a healthy lifestyle then start drinking water. Drink water as if, the world is ending tomorrow and you wont be getting any more water. Drinking water helps a lot it makes your skin glow, helps in removing the toxins. Having water just before your meal, will control your appetite and won’t allow you to eat unhealthy food.
  1. Avoid eating post 8 PM: Stop munching late at night, a lot od us like to eat something or the other when we are sitting in front of the TV, or just doing something. If you still cannot control yourself, then avoid eating carbs. Your body fails to digest it and will result in weight gain. Eat a fruit, if you want after 8, but that should be it, if you want to lose weight. And if you follow this you will want to eat healthy breakfast in the morning.

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