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Quick Yoga at Home for working women – Gym is not the only way to be fit

Hot Yoga India

Being a fit woman is the dream of everyone. One can wear your favorite dress at the party, but if you don’t have a good physique, you cannot wear it according to your wish. Ever you wonder is their ay solution despite the Gym? The answer is Yoga; with the most recommend Asana for women at home should be first in your bucket list. The gym is not only the option to remain fit. You can easily Google the yoga and perform in the home. There are given the following yoga set that is recommended for the women that can be performed in the home easily.

Benefits:This pose helps your upper and middle back to release the tension. This is called Kundalini Yoga that keeps the smooth flow of spinal fluid and stimulates the energy in the body.
Just sit down on your feet, bend your spine forwards with inhaling, and then push your spine back or exhales. You can either close or open your eyes. Keep your head on the same level, at the end pull root lock by inhaling then exhales.
Time – 2 to 3 minutes


Benefits – this poses to stretch the life nerve. Life nerve goes from the sciatic nerve, for back to the heels and continues up to the neck.
Steps –
Sit on your right heel and keep your left leg extended forward, then completes it by bringing your chest to the left thigh by holding it for 2to 3 minutes. Repeat this asana with your other leg.
Time – 2 or 3 times per side.

Camel Yoga pose

This pose is beneficial for the reproductive organs.
Steps –
To perform this pose you need to get on your knees, place the palms on the back (kidney area) by squeezing the gluteus. Keep your figures pointed, then just bring your hips to the forward and release your head to the back. Here you can place your hands on the heels this is a more comforting way, and push your hips forward.
– Time: 2 to 3 minutes.

Hot Yoga India

Benefits: This pose is beneficial for the thyroid stimulation; it stimulates the metabolism by gland stimulation and also helps in weight loss.
Lie on your back and bring your legs over down to the head by keeping your hands for support on your back. Restrict the movement of your neck, relax your breath and gaze the chest.
– Time 1 to 2 minutes

Archer pose to stretch the front muscles and opens up the hip muscles.
Stand up, keep your left leg forward and bend it slightly like it supports the body weight. Keep the right leg straight on the backside with the heel off, extend your left arm extended similar to the lance an arrow. Make a fist keep thumb outside, and bend your left arm by keeping elbow parallel to the floor. Feel the stretch across your chest and hold for some time.
– Time -2 to 3 minutes

With these simple yoga poses you can keep yourself fit by ceasing the gym approach. Yoga not only keep body fit rather it keeps the normal biological functions, it also help in treating infertility and you need not to go for IVF treatment.

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