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Things that Couple must do to Keep Sex Life Awesome

Things that Couple must do to Keep Sex LifeSex life often plays a very important role in bringing couples for long term relationships. It is very hard to admit but it is repeatedly shown through studies that sex plays a very important role in the healthy married lives. It plays a key role as a bond between the two. It is said that emotions feed your soul and food keeps your body working properly but there is a single thing that keeps both functioning at a single time is Sex. So it is really important for the couples to have sex to relieve from their tensions, improves the quality of life, reduces pain, targets all the muscles, improves sleep, helps to create a glow and also it gets the couple to know each other properly.

If you want a long term relationship and feeling that things are getting a bit stagnant then here are some tips you want to work out with your partner in order to have your life awesome:


  1. Have Morning Sex at least once a Week: It is scientifically proven that morning sex is really better for partners having long term relationship. It is really a great day to start with. So have a morning sex at least once a week as it is convenient and would make your day.
  2. Be seductive in Basic Ways: Play well with your partner even if you are not having sex. Having a cuddle and lavish loving attention is very important for having a long term good relationship. Kiss well and use your posture and hug at thrice a day to show up your feelings.
  3. Be sensitive to your partner’s need: Don’t only consider your feelings. Be sensitive to the needs of your partner in order to have a healthy sex relationship. Always be willing to meet your partner’s arousal needs and be romantic in a way that your partner loves and prefers.
  4. Try a New Sex Position every Month: Trying new sex position is also a great way to improve your sex life. That is often exciting to try new and creative things in bed and surely it will have a positive impact on the life of the couple.
  5. Watch Porn Video Together: Watching porn video together can stimulate the feelings and can have a really good impact on the couple. It is really a comfortable thing to do while you are alone in house and you can also try the things with the going on video.
  6. Make your Lovemaking Satisfying: Often couples get separated due to dissatisfaction in their sex life. So try to make your love making time satisfying to both the partners by keeping in mind the liking and disliking of both the partners.

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