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Effect of new technology or gadget on education

Effect of new technology or gadget on education copyThese days, Gadgets have become a way of life and even a two year old child finds it tough to keep away from them. No longer do they like playing with musical toys, action figures, blocks and puzzles as electronic gadgets like cell phones, tabs and i-pads have come up as a cool substitute for these standard toys for children. The role of gadgets is not confined to entertainment but they have an impact on education too. Likewise two sides of a coin, the impact of gadgets on education has two aspects, positive and negative. There are certain advantages of physical play which children have today become deprived of because of too much use of gadgets in their daily activities. We need to study the long term influence of gadgets on the brain development and learning abilities of children to actually understand the influence they exert on educational field.

Here are the positive effects if new gadgets on education:

  1. Children who have access to modern gadgets have a world of knowledge open to them. Not only they learn to use the latest technology available in these gadgets, but they can also reach out to internet to supplement their knowledge and complete their projects in a more comprehensive manner.
  2. Also, they can play some educational games, which can sharpen their intellect and widen their sphere of knowledge when they are exposed to these gadgets.
  3. Being able to use these gadgets makes them handle competition well too as most of their peers also have access to these gadgets. This means that they can stay in the race in educational field and also other aspects.
  4. Use of gadgets in educational field has reduced the dependence of children on heavy bags and books. They no longer need to carry a huge load of books to their school as they can access them on internet, anytime and from anywhere. Also, the need to visit libraries has been reduced as a storehouse of books and supplement information is available online.
  5. Using educational gadgets has opened a whole new world for aspirants living in remote areas, for whom it was not possible to get access to good education earlier. In the present times, they can pursue a number of online study courses with some of the best universities and places in the world.
  6. The practical use of gadgets gives a great deal of exposure to the students in their daily lives and they can make use of this exposure for the growth of their careers in future because nothing goes without information technology in the professional world today.
  7. Self esteem is another key issue that adds to the importance of use of gadgets in the field of education as most of the children are using the latest gadgets today and the child who is deprived of them would obviously feel isolated.

Though gadgets are very important for young minds, excess use of these can divert their attention from studies and make them addicted. The fact is that though gadgets make children sharper and adept at latest technology, it can actually cause a wide range of problems for them in educational field. Therefore, parents should ensure that children do get access to gadgets and technology but should set limits.

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