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How to prepare yourself for first night

prepare yourself for first night copyWhether it is the bride or the groom, the wedding is the most exciting occasion in their lives. Marriage means that their life is going to be changed in every possible way. After months of preparation and anticipation, the main focus of the bride and the groom is on looking good for their big day. But at the back of their minds, it is the thoughts of the first night, the first experience that really takes precedence. Though many of them would probably have had a sexual experience before, this one is actually something very different and needs them to be physically and emotionally prepared.

Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself for first night:

  1. Take it easy

Weddings are tiring affairs, for the bride, the groom as well as the guests. The fact is that first night may literally not be the first night for most of them and they might have to wait for the next night. So it is better to be prepared for the same and not expect too much from each other on the first night, as far as sex is concerned. The fact that one or both, the bride and the groom, may be exhausted, might have a bearing on their ability to go for an exciting first night honeymoon experience. So better keep the best saved for later, when you are fresh and relaxed. 

  1. Start with a clean slate

If you have had a sexual experience before, forget everything of the past and start with a clean slate and this applies to both the partners. Also, do not expect from your partner to share details of their prior experiences as this is the night for both of you, not something to be shared with your former partners. So start your life on fresh note, without interest in each other’s past, rather focus on building a solid future with each other.

  1. Make the mood

Do not be mechanical about the first night, rather be spontaneous in making the mood. Start with flirting with each other, gentle touch, caress and loving looks as you sit amidst the guests. Make your room decorated with candles and flowers and complete the atmosphere with fragrance and music. Build the romance rather than waiting for sex.

  1. Don’t expect it to be a fairy tale

Every couple might want their first time to be as beautiful as a fairy tale, but it is wrong to expect that, because first time sex can actually be awkward, messy or downright funny. So give each other time to be comfortable with each other and enjoy every moment as it comes, without huge expectations from each other.

  1. It might hurt but learn to appreciate its beauty

If you have been married with someone, that means you have committed to each other with body and mind. Now you should be ready to bear some pain for him/her, which is likely to happen if it is your first sexual experience. Take it as an act of love and beauty, rather than fear the pain it is going to bring because it is something natural and going to happen anyways.

  1. Foreplay is important

Sex might be the first and the last thing on the mind of the couple but be ready to give each other enough time for the foreplay because it can actually make both more comfortable and also improve the quality of sex in terms of pleasure.

  1. Try something unconventional

Another cool idea for preparing for the first night is to be ready to try something unconventional with your partner’s consent of course. You can arrange the night out in a beach-side cottage or have a bubble bath together, to make the first night an unforgettable one.

  1. Abstain from sex before marriage

In case the bride and groom are in a relationship or go out on dates regularly before the big day, it would be good if they refrain from physical contact some time before the first night. This will heighten their excitement as well as give them a “new” kind of feeling on the first night itself, else everything will be a matter of routine.

On your first night, don’t just focus on exploring each other physically but in mind too. Communicate with each other and understand each other and keep sex for after that, so that you can enjoy each other to the best.

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