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Learn to deal with Teens addicted of Gadgets

Learn to deal with TeensGadget addiction is getting more and more common in teenagers with the increase in technology and gadgets in the markets. In recent times, the role of gadgets are important but they are making the teens of the age addict and they get indulge in the lame behaviors due to such gadgets.  Teenagers decide coolness of a person by observing his type of gadget and its models. This is due to the increasing trend in the gadgets and devices in the market. There are also many harmful aspects of gadgets that are now been showing upon the teens and that is inadequate sleep. According to the recent researches, majority teenagers were reported to be engaged in some electronic technology and gadget at the night hours and that causes the behavioral and sleeping problems in them.

Signs of Gadget addiction:

There are no specific signs of gadget addiction as this is very common among the teenagers of 21st century but it severely incapacitates the Child to achieve his dreams by getting him trapped in its own addiction. This whole process transforms the child into a lazy individual who sees to be alive only due to the gadgets. This is quite an alarming situation for the parents as well as the children. So here are some obvious signs of Gadget addiction, if your teen is having one then you definitely have to pose some action on it:

  • Lack of interest in other activities which he loves to do before.
  • Excessively offensive or defensive about his gadgets.
  • Aggressive or violent behavior if they are not getting access to their gadgets.
  • If he lie to you about his gadget time.
  • If he is excessively dependent on his devices and gadgets.

The gadget addiction does not remain to its addiction but also pose harmful side effects to teens who are badly obsessed with their gadgets. Here are some obvious side effects of gadget addiction that can cause serious health problems to teens:

  • Obesity
  • Increasing aggression
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Disturbing Sleeping Patterns
  • Bad Effects on Society

Managing Gadget Addiction of your Teen:

This is such an alarming situation for the parents whose teen children are badly addicted to the gadgets. So the screen time of your child must be condemned as soon as they are not affected by the side effects of gadgets. Follow these rules to start with:

  1. Don’t Argue:do not get into argument with your teen as it will yield no result. He needs to be restricted with the gadgets and those devices that are causing bad effect on him.
  2. Set Boundaries: set the screening time to the devices and explain that in no case this time would increase. Tell your child all the consequences in the clear terms and also set punishment in case of any breakage of rules.
  3. Create a Reward System: set the reward system if teen stick to their gadget time and give them good reasons to comply with it.

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