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The Difference Between Happy & Unhappy Couples

The difference between happy and unhappy couples comes down to how they deal with inescapable tensions that may arise.

But there is another factor also which is mostly veil from your vision, that is “common-sense expectation” which we called counter intuitive: it seems to be true, but actually these are over expections which might turned into burden soon.

Our lives and relationships are worked according to our brain, so either you trained it in such a way to write your love story as a fairy tale or make it, the darkest chapter of your life.

When something comes up in life,whether it is personal or a work event but your partner is not the one whom you think to tell first, you have nothing to say to each other, your partner is not your happiness or tension companion anymore, you feel irritate to discuss anything with him or her. These are some common symptoms of unhappy couples which shows that you lost that spark in you relation and you have to regain it otherwise this become a full stop to your love life.

On the other side if you have open communication, you both do romantic wave,do some hand holding which shows affection, enjoying a normal sex life and more cuddling, both have their friend circle and personal space , trust me you are the luckiest one as you are in a beautiful relationship. These small gestures shows matureness in your relationship.


By make yourself kind and good , a couple may abolishing boundaries between them and giving each other their availability and liberality. By saying this i doesn’t mean that you never say no to anything ask by your partner , nor does it mean that you accept any kind of misconduct as it is also true that kindness exist when both are cooperative and understandable.

Communication is that hidden key which generally missing from relations. By communication i mean a healthy communication , not any kind of unnecessary sarcasm or blame. Even if you facing a hard time, be humble to your partner and take each other’s advice to make your relation even more healthier.

Remember, feelings are very important in relationships,but it is not the only factor to build a happy relation. Our action that we do or we better call it positive actions we can take to overlap our self build instincts also matter. Make breakfast with cute notes, plan some surprise even you are tired and stressed out, go on a date with your partner or travel some romantic places,these are some small changes which if you do , they will change your relation for sure. This doesn’t mean that you sacrifice your needs and desires to make your partner happy but this is important for both to understand each other and try to make his/her partner happy.

For those who are in pain facing lot of trouble in their relation ,they thought initially that nothing will burst their love bubble,never ever and now suddenly they feel betrayed. But trust is important. From the very beginning, you need to nourish the relationship and keep it healthier and this will happen when you begin to trust each other . When you have showed a good gesture towards each other, you can recover much more quickly from that pain and stress.

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