Tips to Make Your Content Attractive

“Writing isn’t about using big words to impress. It’s about using simple words in an impressive way”-
Sierra Bailey. As rightly said by Sierra, writing is an art, never look up to in the dictionary to find heave words, if you are not comfortable speaking them, then don’t pen them down. Nobody is there to check your vocabulary. The readers want to read something interesting, effective and yet simple. Writing content is very easy, everyone can write on anything. Do a little research, add few lines, change few lines and yeah, you are done.  But that is not what writing content means. It has to be attractive, attractive enough to make your readers come back only to re-read what you have written and they can feel it and understand it easily. Here are few tips to make your content look more interesting and attractive.

  1. The Title: Yes, the title of your topic plays a very great role. If your heading is sad and boring, do not expect the readers to even read what you have written. Hence, while writing, make sure to write an interesting and catchy heading which will engross your readers and will make your content look interesting.


  1. Do Your Research: When you write on anything, make sure that you know what you are writing and it’s not gibberish. Do your research, at least, pretend in your writing that you are the best in what you have written and you know your thing very well. Let nobody doubt on your content.


  1. Use Metaphors: It plays a great role if you want to write an attractive content, use metaphors; they are catchy, attract your readers and also give a glimpse of your personality, which is undoubtedly attractive. Metaphors are easy to understand and to relate. They sometimes sound funny and sometimes are very deep. Your work as a writer is to attract your audience in whichever possible manner.


  1. Know your audience: If you are writing for teenagers, write only for them or according to them. Incorporate a teenage personality in you, think how they talk, how they behave, how they argue and pen it down in that ways. Do not write things that will upset them, do not try to be their parents, they won’t prefer your content from next time, but at the same time, if you want to write something where you want to explain something to them, get in their shoes and then write it, have an amiable content, which they will enjoy reading and will also understand what you were trying to explain. Same goes with the other age groups. Get in their shoes and then write, that will surely bring your audience.


  1. Be Honest: The most important thing, while writing is to be honest, not with your readers but with yourself. It is important to be honest with yourself when you are writing anything. Honest writing no matter what attracts. Be it in real life or in writing, it does not matter. Write what you feel and not what you think will be liked by your audience.

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