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How to Look Hot and Stylish During Winters

how to look hot and stylish

how to look hot and stylishGetting dressed and looking hot and stylish in winters has become really easy now. With so many things available in the market, you can choose the ones you like, pair it up and dress up. No matter where you are, at home, work, on a brunch, dinner, you can always dress up and look sexy as hell. But before that you must know your style quotient. Here are few tips that you should follow during winters to look hot and sexy.


  1. Buy a Perfect Coat According to Your Style: A coat can never go out of style, but before you buy a coat, you must be very careful and not just buy it because it looks stylish, but beautiful or sexy, but also that it serves the purpose. The first thing you should look in coat is that it should keep you warm, then select a style according to your body type. The best colors are the dark shades like blacks, brown, grays as it goes well with any other outfit.
  1. Buy a pair of Boots: Boots looks sexy when you wear it with your jeans, skirts, or dresses. They keep your legs warm, they look hot, and your purpose is solved. You can either go in for knee length boots or ankle boots, but we suggest buy ankle boots, and pair it with stockings. It looks hot.
  1. Accessorize: So what if its winters, you can still accessorize yourself with fancy colorful neckpieces, or rings, or ear rings. They never look bad. If you want to look simple yet stylish, then go for some solid color accessories.
  1. Makeup: Who steps out of the house without applying Makeup? Winter is the season of festivals. Apply those dark shade red or Marsala lipsticks, use eyeliner, Kajal a little blush before stepping out of the house. Of course, do not over do, but a basic make up is a must if you want to look sexy and stylish.
  1. Layers: What you cannot do in summers, do it in winters. Use layers. Team up some amazing colors and wear it. Winters are all about clothes. Pair a matching cardigan with your tee shirt, or if you like contrasts then go for it, but do not overdo it. Layering means, enough layers to keep you warm. Over doing is a big no-no!
  1. Bottoms: Invest in a skinny jeans, or leggings. They are perfect for winters. You can wear a coat over it, a waistline coat or a trench coat, depending on the occasion. But Trench coats are show stealers. Pairing your skinny jeans or leggings with a short top and a trench coat over it will surely make you look stylish and hot.
  1. Colors: Adding some amazing colors on you wardrobe during winters, will not only make your lazy winters exciting but it also gives a kick to your daily dressing routine. Red has always been the color of winter. But change is beautiful. Go in for some other dark shades like Purple, it looks gorgeous; it doesn’t look too much and goes well with any other color.

How to look stylish in winter Winter styling

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