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Tips for How to burn a belly fat fast.

Tips to burn belly fatBelly fat is a common problem now days. Many people are suffering from big tummy .The common reason is hectic life style, food habits, no time for exercise. People are so busy now a day’s hardly there is a time to take care of the body. But there are certain ways to remove belly fat fast. Even without doing any exercise one can reduce fat .The following things needs to be done to reduce belly within few days in busy life.

  • Stress is the common factor here. If someone is stressed always, then automatically fat accumulates in their body. So when someone is in tension, just observing the thoughts of the mind, take a deep breath and exhale, do this for 5 times, even in office. Slow down your breath, focus on your breath and forget about everything for some time. More effective in silent place. Always smile. Get enough sleep of 8 hours. Our body will automatically get in shape.
  • Avoid sugar as much as possible. Numerous studies have shown that excess sugar, mostly due to the large amounts of fructose, can lead to increased accumulation of fat in the belly .Even avoid coffee and tea .It is greatest enemy .Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C reduces fats. Regular intake of vitamin C fruits or foods will reduce tummy without doing any exercise. Fruits like orange, Indian amla, lemon juice are rich source of vitamin C.
  • Every day in the early morning by doing some of the Yoga postures and Breathing exercises can help a lot. Belly breathing like Kapalbhati pranayam is a miracle for belly fat. Just for 5 minutes exhale the breathe don’t inhale. Inhale is natural, exhale in medium pressure, all toxins and fat from the body will reduce. Within 1 month the belly fat reduces. Another famous method is Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation exercise) ,it has 12 postures. It not only helps to reduce the excess belly fat but also to remove the fat from various parts of body. It exercises the whole body just need 5 minutes to this posture. Anyone can do with even no flexibility. The demonstration of Surya Namaskar is available in the internet. It is one of the famous yogic ancient method  to remain free from all diseases, even to achieve salvation what great people of the world achieved through this.
  • Eating more protein related foods helps to remove fat and calories. Food rich in fiber also helps to remove belly fat. Drinking lots of water also plays a major role. It flushes out the extra toxins from the body. Increasing the intake of fresh vegetables, fruits and diary related products burns fat. Vegetables have lower fat levels. Even intake of fish also helps for the body. But due to popularity of junk foods and fast foods in the market especially for corporate peoples. Rise of belly fat related problems are increasing. One can take lots of fruit juices in place of junk foods. Street foods are the worst food research shows.
  • Brisk walking for 30 minutes regularly helps to remove fat and other unnecessary diseases .One can use stairs in place of lift. One can go by walking to a certain distance in place of using car or bike.

how to burn belly fat fastThere are certain small things in our daily life which we follow then we don’t need to take extra precaution to take care of our health. That’s why Zen monks of Japan, Buddha monastery monk says smile, breath and slow. These 3 things if one can follow then no one will ever  get diseased .Always be slow, don’t take quick decisions like getting angry easily, reacting to a situation quickly is bad for our daily life. Just observe everything even it is good or bad what life gives to you, just enjoy the present moment. Life exists only in present moment not in the future or past. Whatever you are doing in the present moment just do it will full concentration and dedication, even someone is gossiping do that with full concentration. Then there is no need to suffer from small problems like belly fat or other health problems. Think less and work more.

When someone thinks a lot our body creates good and bad hormones. Daily intake of those bad hormones create fat. So the final mantra to remain always happy and peaceful without any fat is smile as much as possible, practice  some kind of mediation or yoga, very easy mediation is just observe your breathe very slowly by closing your eyes in idle  time. Always remain busy in some activity, even sleeping is a activity, don’t think anything during sleep, just go in a deep sleep it’s very easy. Now a day’s people trust more on spiritual methods rather than gym .So there are many other methods. Those are easily available everywhere anybody can gain knowledge and remain a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

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