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12 best foods for glowing skin, tips, remedy

Your lifestyle and food habits definetly influence and put your skin to niggling condition. And while there are huge row of cosmetics that treated as “Skin Bait”, but reality is in contrast of these minute glowing bribe. These lotions and beauty products only offer a temprorary layer to fix your party need. All you need to be gorgeous and beautiful starts from within, which is directly depend on your food bowl.
What you eat is what you reflect !

So whether its about treating acne, preventing from dark circles or reducing aging wrinkles, healthy diet is all what you need to improve. So, the right diet and right time for diet can be a valuable investment towards your health.

Your skin reflects how healthy you are from inside, so try some de-stress drinks and nutritious food to relax youself. Your skin demands nourishment to look beautiful and fresh. Right balance of foods feed your skin with vital nutrients and it makes your skin soft, healthy and glowing. Invest your time in doing some good body and posture exercises, do proper meditation and intake good diet, this is all you need to look beautiful, glowing and perfect.

Include these foods in your diet for younger and glowing skin.

1. Avocado:

Avacado is rich in antioxidant which helps in soften the skin and keep you hydrated. Avocado mask can also be used for better and instant result. Take a spoon of honey and mix it with avocado paste then apply it evenly all over you face. It also contain fatty acids which helps the skin to absorb vitamins from soluble fats which nourish your skin.

2. Carrots:

Carrot is a magical food for eyes and skin. Rich in vitamin A ,an antioxidant which protects overproduction of cells in skin. Otherwise dead cells with sebum can block your pores which leads to acne. Vitamin A also prevent from skin cancer. Carrots contains plenty of beta-carotene and vitamin A which is essential for your skin.

3. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are packed with vitamins and minerals, but it is Lycopene that makes it red and helps to increase collagen-a protein that gives skin its rigid structure and glowing pattern. It also protect skin from UV rays by eliminating free radicals. Tomatoes also prevent from pimples as they are acidic in nature. You can use it as natural sunscreen also.

4. Salmon:

Salmon is the highest source of anti-inflammatory omega-3, which promotes healthy skin as it maintain the unity of cell membranes. It also contain dimethylaminoethanol which act as a guards against aging. This helps in looking toned and glowing.

5. Sweet Potatoes:

Many of us like this yummy roots mixed with spices in our breakfast to give stomach a healthy start. According to research 200 percent of your daily intake will fulfill by this magical root itself. This is a vital source to make your skin health and younger.

6. Oranges:

Oranges are rich in vitamin C . The peel of this fruit remove Tan and give you a glowing and fair complexion. Mix the peel powder with some lemon juice and few rose water drops for shining and glowing skin. You can also mix yoghurt in it for better result.

7. Spinach:

These green leaves are well known for skin care and protection. It contains high level of folate and vitamin B which helps in protection and repair of your skin cells. This is Proven by a research that spinach reduce cancer cell growth as it contains 70% of folate.

8. Kale:

This is really a superfood which contain A,C,E and vitamin K. It helps in decreasing visibility of scars and stretch marks and vitamin K present in it helps in faster healing. This may be called as Queen of Greens because of its healthy properties.

9. Lemons:

Lemon is such an amazing food for skin. It is packed with vitamin C which is essential for skin nourishment. As lemons are acidic in nature ,it helps to alkalize your blood and maintain PH level in body, if PH level in body will go off track then it effects your skin by making it dry and irritation prone.

10. Turmeric:

Turmeric is well known for its anti-bacterial property. It prevents your skin from getting rough and dry which leads to aging and wrinkles. Raw turmeric is super good for health, one can use it in drinking or apply it as face mask. It also helps in inflammatory problems in skin.

11.Dark Choclate:

Choclate lover? then there is a good news for you. Dark Choclate help if you desire a glowing and beautiful skin. It contains flavanol-have antioxidant properties which softens your skin and also prevent it from sun damage. It also rich in probiotics which reduce inflammation.

12. Coconut Oil and Water:

Coconut is a full packed food itself, because every part of it is usable. Whether its peel, its oil or its nuts inside. Coconut oil contains caprylic acid which improve health by destroying bad bacteria and also reduce stomach acid. Also its water holds potassium that relax skin muscles and keep you hydrated.

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