Mohit and his story of being love arrested in a new city


Mohit was just another guy in the town who did carry all the big dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur ever since he stepped into this city. He belonged to Ranchi, a city which comes as a hub for most of the historical institutions in the country. So while he got all the required knowledge in order to grab a decent job, one of the famous MNC approached him for the post of an accountant. This was going to be a new start to his life and he didn’t have an idea what the city of Delhi will be bringing up for him in the bag.

It was the first day in office for Mohit and while he was still been arrested by the thoughts of “how it’s going to be in this new world?” he bumped into Shweta, one of the old employees of the same company. While his boss Raghav knew that Mohit is a new guy in the city, he asked Shweta to assist him with all the official and general stuff around. Well it was quite awkward for Mohit to get comfortable with a girl initially, but the “jolly” nature of Shweta did help him in a big way in the same course. They often started catching up on the weekends and within no time; the love bell started ringing for the couple who eventually got arrested in each other’s love. Even though everything was going right with the love story of Mohit and Shweta, a big twist was about to come in the form of Shweta’s brother, Rohit. Rohit was working within the same city as a software developer and whilst he came to know about the love affair of Mohit and Shweta, he straightaway approached shweta in the same regards.

Both Rohit and Shweta did have along arguments about the same and whilst Rohit was having a disagreement with Mohit’s caste, Shweta took her stand in the name of love. Things went dirtier and Rohit eventually got offensive towards Mohit and Shweta’s affair whilst placing several warnings. It was one day when Rohit crashed into Mohit’s place and beaten him along with some of his friends. Shweta and Mohit then decided to approach the police in the same regards and Rohit got arrested within no time. Even though everything was fine with their love story now, Mohit didn’t feel good of making Rohit sent to prison as he himself was having a family and discussed the same with Shweta several times. Eventually, they both went to the Police station and took their complaint back whilst letting Rohit free once again. Quite surprisingly, Rohit felt obliged with this gesture of Mohit and finally gave his nod to the relationship of Mohit and Shweta. So the love birds which were arrested in each other’s love did became life partners in a wedding ceremony which was been attended by most of the family members and close friends. They both even started an online campaign later on to support couples who are arrested on terms of inter-caste marriage by either the police or their families.