#Mentoo takes over #MeToo as biased judgments against Men goes on a surge


Right on the lines of #Metoo, a group of 15 people, which also includes a French diplomat acquitted in a sexual abuse case, has recently launched a #MenToo movement at the French Capital. The motto of the movement is to spread awareness about the “Biasness” which is been shown by the society and judiciary whilst handling sexual harassment cases involving both the sexes.

What it’s all about?

Quite generally it has been seen that not only women, but men too, have come up as the victims of sexual harassment at their workplaces. Still it’s a social belief that women have generally been associated with the tag “Victim” and men have often been ignored in the same context. One of the French diplomat who started this movement was been victimized in the same context and his pain and agony was largely been ignored by the social communities around the world.

Once he got acquitted from all the charges in the same regards, he went on to start a movement named #Mentoo which symbolizes all the sexual harassment men have to face on the grounds of “Blind Feminism”.

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Recent instances in the same context

Men and their interests have often been written off whilst hearing their side in any kind of sexual harassment case and this is evident in almost every instance that we see and hear about around. Quite recently there was a senior manager of a big IT firm of India who committed suicide after been alleged for sexual harassment at his workplace by two of his colleagues?

Interestingly, it was been found later that the whole case was bee drafted without any proven facts and evidence and the respective management took the decision of suspending the employee based on sheer allegations. The victim wrote a letter to his wife before the suicide, quoting himself as “Innocent” and the same news got viral in no time. The management and the HR team were bashed for their ‘Biased” opinions and judgment and it was been quoted that there is an urgent need to bringing a safer space for men as well in the Indian judiciary.

Support coming from the celebrities

These instances fumed many of the famous names in the Indian film and political world and all of them came forward to voice their opinion in the same context. Pooja bedi , one of the most renowned bolly wood actor, posted her opinion on twitter in the same regards. “We need new laws to state that if it’s evident that a case was FAKE the woman should get the same sentence the man would have gotten. However, Pl note the diff in case closed due to lack of evidence v/s it being FAKE Case”, she said. Other names like Cricketer Avinash Yadav and News editor Rangraj Pandey also raised his concern in the same context and collectively criticized all the recent incidents which have victimized the men community on the basis of blind allegations.

What can be done?

Laws must be there in place to provide equal rights to men too and before getting into any conclusion, the society and judiciary shall take all the minutes of the incidents into account. This way, we can save ourselves from supporting the “Unethical” sexual harassment allegations on the Men fraternity.

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